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Jakarta 12930,Indonesia

Elevator Consultation

Tailored to fit your needs
Space-saving features give your designs free reign

Lift Consultation

Be it building design/documentation stage to project management, logistics, to lift design, to local code compliance to updated news of current technology, training, we got it covered at Gylet.

(210 Kg – 15,000 Kg)

Max duty load

28 Max stops
150 – 500 fpm

Top speed

(0.76 – 2.54 m/s)

300 ft Max rise

(91 m)

consultation professionals

We have a wide range of professional engineerswho are certified to provide sound engineering solutions to meet yuor requirements.

Planning for
New/Old/Existing installations

Compliance to
Code Requirements

Providing updated new
on new technology in the vertical Transportation industry

General inquiries

Get in touch for further information and advice on Gen2 and other Otis
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